Silk & Dried Flowers

We welcome custom requests from individuals and businesses looking to enhance their home or office environment or planning an event.

We will work closely with you to create a tailor-made arrangement that meets your specific requirements.

If you're interested in visiting our atelier, please fill out our contact form and let us know your preferences.

Please note that our atelier is a visiting address by appointment only, so make sure to book your visit ahead of time.

Your own custom floral arrangement

Elevate your space all year round with our silk and dried floral subscription service.

Receive a new arrangement each season or twice a year, depending on your preference. Our subscription prices vary based on the arrangement size with options already starting at €25 per month!

Ideal for both individuals and businesses, our arrangements offer a warm welcome to guests and improves the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Let us bring beauty and joy to your space with our stunning floral arrangements.

Silk & dried floral arrangement subscription

woman in green and yellow floral long sleeve shirt holding bouquet of flowers
woman in green and yellow floral long sleeve shirt holding bouquet of flowers

Christmas Decorations for businesses & residentials

Are you looking to style your business or your residence in a Christmas festive ambiance?

We offer you our professional Christmas decorating service along with traditional wreaths and our unique festive floral arrangements.

The choice is yours and whatever your decision you can ensure the magical spirit of Christmas will fill your home or business with true delight.