Weddings & event floral styling

We create a total floral concept for styling your wedding or event.

Flowers can make an impact like no other decoration.

At our studio we like to hear your wishes, to style with flowers the tone of your day perfectly. Think of customised flower arrangements, for the ceremony and the venue. Everything coordinated so that it is a perfect whole.

Whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony in your garden or a big celebration, we can design the perfect arrangements for you.

We customised flower arrangements with all kind of flowers: fresh, dried, preserved & silk flowers, for the ceremony and for the venue.

Our arrangements are then sustainable and environmentally friendly. With us, you have the alternative to rent a customized floral design.

At our studio, we specialize in creating stunning floral backdrops and arrangements for various occasions such as weddings, events, launches, and photoshoots.

We provide you with the option to rent a custom floral design that is made using a beautiful selection of dried and silk flowers, along with seasonal fresh flowers.

This combination results in a truly captivating and breathtaking display. Whether you are looking for a romantic and elegant backdrop for your wedding ceremony or a vibrant and eye-catching arrangement for a corporate event, our studio is ready to meet your specific needs and preferences


Rent a Floral Design

On location we create and place your wedding flower arrangements.

Think of, rental essential styling items such as backdrops, table decorations, entrance board, draping, candles and candleholders, etc.

At the end of your wedding or event, you can take with you the fresh flowers and we we will pick up all the rented items.

For more inspiration visit our portfolio.

At your event or wedding location